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LingMing & MingLing
introductions! LingMing and MingLing from USA!
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We are 2 high school girl name LingMing Chu-Hua Jones and MingLing Dao-Ming Jones. Apology for long name! We are sisters, with LingMing older by 2 years. Ling and Ming names run in are family, so our mother put it front of normal name. We have been learn English since we were 5 years old, but because English not well learned in Taiwan we not very fluent but we try! We big fans of Korea, Japan music. Are favrite sing is Korea DSBK and Japan TXVQ. They have very simeler sound and very relaxing. Member also cute, but we like DSBK more because TXVQ steal song! Also love Koda Kumi, who idol to us. Love to write stories and make pictures we planning to become famous writer across the world! We have recently move to Ontario in United State and change our last name so we fit in! Very nice and happy here!